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Heat accumulator of black steel A stainless steel tank "Tank in tank" Tank with inner covering Tank VTA/V-1 Ice accumulator

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Heat accumulators

Thermal accumulator prices Heat accumulator of black steel

Designed to work only with heating system. Tank is filled with water during installation only once.

Thermal accumulator prices Heat accumulator of stainless steel

This tanks are made of stainless steel. Designed to heat sanitary water.

Thermal accumulator prices Heat accumulator «Tank in tank»

This model performs two functions: main reservoir works with the heating system and inner tank of stainless steel serves for the hot water system.

Thermal accumulator prices Heat accumulator with inner covering

Accumulators with inner covering are made to work with sanitary waters flow.

Thermal accumulator prices Heat accumulator with vacuum-powder isolation VTA/V-1

Highly efficient heat accumulator VTA/V-1 is based on vacuum-powder isolation. The model is designed for outdoor arrangement and used for heat accumulation in heating/hot water systems.

Thermal accumulator prices Ice accumulator

Is designed to work as a part of powerful freezers system.

Heat accumulator. How it works? 

Most widely used are heat accumulators in systems with natural and forced water circulation, with nominal volume of 300 - 2 000 liters. The simple kit of heat accumulator looks like vertical standing steel tank with the height of 3-5 diameters, to support natural thermal water separation. At specific places on the tank are placed sockets for water supply, water assignation, and connection of electric heating elements.

Water with the highest coefficient of thermal energy is accumulated at the top of the tank and can be used for radiator heating; less heat water (at the central part of the tank) can serve for the floor heating. Inner surface of the tank doesn’t need corrosion protection, because in the heating systems constantly flows the same volume of “neutral water”. In order to reduce loss of warm accumulator is isolated outside with heat-resistant foam.

Accumulator tank can also be provided with horizontal baffles in order to divide water into sections with different temperature. At some point it improves the efficiency of heat accumulation. It also can be equipped with an audit flange

For connection to the heating system of solar collectors at the bottom of the tank is placed a steel heat exchanger. This allows for its placement of the collectors circuit at the lowest possible temperature with maximum efficiency.

Traditionally, for making drinking hot water in the top of the accumulation tank is placed a small tank (50-100 liters). This tank is completely surrounded by the hot water, which determines the rapid transfer of heat to water. This raises the accuracy of reproduction legionel that requires additional costs for hardware protection. An alternative is to use a heat exchanger made ​​of stainless steel. In this case, the heat storage tank acts as a flow-through water heater. The heat exchanger is the minimum amount of water, which reduces the reliability the formation legionel. Small volume does not mean low performance. A large area of ​​heating and heat reserve in the accumulator can instantly heat flow of cold water to the desired temperature.

Maximum temperature of heat accumulators is not above 90 degrees, but according to the technical requirements temperature maximum is around 95 degrees. That’s why before installing in the house buffer accumulator dimensions of the system and the heating temperature must be considered. Experience showed that the system will be most effective in the houses with the floor heating.

The advantages of heat accumulator

Wood contains many harmful stuff including tar, acids, etc., which are released during its burning. In order to burn all this harmful stuff, wood boiler should work with the full capacity, and this is possible to do using heating system with wood boiler and heat accumulator.

In the west Europe is a requirement to install wood-burning boiler with buffer tank. That’s why heat accumulator brings not only economic benefits, but also is environment friendly. Thus installation of the heat accumulator is necessary to plan on the project stage of house construction. Otherwise there could be some troubles because the lack of space.